Whether your project involves designing a new apartment complex, enhancing a retail shopping experience, or revamping a resort and spa, creating a beautiful and useful space requires more than just filling in the blanks with greenery. Outdoor spaces are the first and last impression a user will experience when visiting your project. In order to create a place that is both inspirational and useful, a landscape architect is needed early on. 

At LandStudio360, we have joined many projects from the beginning stages and many towards the end. We know firsthand that the earlier we are involved in a project, the better the end result.  A landscape architect’s unique point of view, knowledge, and guidance enhances any project from the planning phase through construction. 


Discover why having a landscape architect on the team at the beginning is essential for a smooth project: 


Their Roles Have Evolved Over Time 

A common misperception that many have on the role of a landscape architect is that they are needed simply for filling in the voids of the design. This old mindset of landscape architecture limits the ability to create a space that is both cohesive and successful in the long-term. Now, landscape architects are at the forefront of projects because of the value they provide. As projects begin to blossom they are able to provide leadership, be proactive with potential issues, help shape the overall project design, and understand the brand’s vision clearly. 


They Provide A Holistic Approach 

Landscape architects provide unique insight to a collaborative team. By being part of the project from its inception, they are able to think through early concepts of the design and begin to assist in providing critical site design solutions for the overall masterplan. By building dialogue and collaborating with the client and other project consultants, landscape architects are able to contribute to the overarching goal of the project. This approach prevents potential pitfalls throughout the process. 


They Understand The User Experience 

When landscape architects are brought onto the team early on in the planning process, they are able to get a clear understanding of who the user is going to be. Before any landscape design is created, they put themselves in the shoes of the user. Their decisions are influenced by the way the user would see, feel, and experience the design. This understanding helps avoid problems that arise later on in the process. The farther in, the harder it is to change the design. 


They Combine Functionality With Aesthetics 

One of the most valuable tools a landscape architect possesses is the ability to blend engineering with design. They will assess your property with two questions in mind: “how will this work?” and “how will this look?”. Their job is to find a balance that is collectively pleasing to use and pleasing to see – together these create an immersive experience for those in the space. This combination requires them to pay attention to not only the big picture but the precise details of the project as well. 


Design is a process. Rather than a reactionary set of requirements, it takes time to plan and refine a project. Landscape architects use their skills to plan, analyze, design, and nurture their given environments. 


Our team at LandStudio360 excels in this type of collaboration, as we are able to integrate aesthetic design, functional strategy, and innovative ideas into environments that strengthen our clients’ brands and enhance people’s experiences. Our spectrum of services within landscape architecture, planning, and design allows us to provide an encompassing approach to commercial development projects. 


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