LS360 Project Highlights: A Year in Review


2020 has proved a shock to the development industry. With government-mandated shutdowns, the rapid shift to work from home, realigning of real estate sector priorities, uncertain political futures, and changing social norms, it has been an incredibly tough storm to weather for many.

LandStudio360 is no exception.

However, we've also been very fortunate to have long-lasting relationships that have stayed close by our side and supported the growth and wellness of our communities. We have taken this opportunity to reorganize and prioritize that which is most important to our firm and our clients in advance of kicking off what we hope to be an exciting 2021

We wanted to take a moment to share some of the exciting work LandStudio360 and our development partners have recently received entitlement approvals on, and projects that are going through agency processing.



SAICP, LLC / Avanti Development Partners, Tyler+Kelly Architecture

8-Story Art Deco Themed Mixed-Use Condominium across the street from Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA currently in permit processing. The ground floor consists of retail plazas, public art displays, valet drop-off, a 2-story independent spa tenant, and resident lobby. The primary resident amenities are located outdoors on a 2nd floor depressed slab podium consisting of a lap pool and spa, outdoor community lounge spaces, fireplaces, wet bars, kitchenettes, a dog park, and grand lawn for multi-purpose events with frequent shade and lush plant material.



Fifield, Wood Partners, Humphreys & Partners Architects

7-Story Mixed Use Apartment Community along the Metro Gold Line Transit Corridor in Monrovia, CA currently in permit processing. A large, organically shaped community plaza anchors the corner of Pomona Avenue for direct connection to the primary transit corridor and interface with the adjacent properties. A 2nd floor podium contains a pool, spa, fire features, large trellis-shaded lounge areas, outdoor game facilities, and communal barbecue areas. Residents also have the luxury of a few 7th floor roof decks including additional barbecue and lounge areas, fire elements, and a dog park.



Realm Real Estate, KTGY Architecture + Planning

4-Story Mixed-Use Apartment Community with 1st floor retail located within the Mission San Luis Rey Historic District of Oceanside, CA which recently received a 7-0 approval vote of support from the Oceanside Planning Commission. The owner and design team worked closely with the City of Oceanside and their associated Design Review Committee to creatively put together a unique, standout project while fitting seamlessly with the surrounding community design aesthetic. Residents will be able to enjoy a pool, spa, fire features and barbecue areas, shaded courtyards and fountains, as well as a large dog park. LandStudio360 is excited to kick off further coordination and working drawings with the design team to help bring this vision to fruition.


There's always a light at the end of the tunnel and our hope is that, out of all of this year's uncertainty, one thing is certain: we will continue to collaborate closely with our development partners and communities to create engaging, healthy, safe, and flexible outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.


At LandStudio360, we are grateful to have a diverse group of people that allow us to use each team member’s experience and network to grow. The unique circumstances of working remotely while remaining connected have encouraged our team to think strategically and expand our knowledge of the industry and possible ways to re-think exterior spaces going forward. 


We're here to help assess design challenges and provide creative solutions for this constantly changing world. Connect with us and let's get working together.