LandStudio360 Projects: Landscape Architecture Across The Globe


While our team is well versed in providing commercial landscape architecture services within our own communities, we also have had the opportunity to extend our services worldwide numerous times.

Many companies outside of the country seek landscape architecture experts from within the United States to provide high-quality service that is difficult to find elsewhere. 

If your company is in need of a team who is experienced in working internationally, reach out to us here. Our varied capabilities, resources, and networks can be supported anywhere around the globe. We would be happy to discuss our process in detail with you. 

Working with international companies is exciting for everyone on the LandStudio360 team, as it advances our skillset by allowing us to grow individually and collectively. 


Learn about how our team manages projects around the world: 

How International Projects Differ 

While the management and design aspects of international projects remain the same as local projects, there are often numerous aspects that can vary. Before projects kick-off, it is essential to dive into the diverse nature of the cultures, landscapes, architectural styles, and lifestyles that are represented in these projects. Through this lens, these projects tend to require extra time and attention. 

Our experience with these projects includes a concept-driven approach where we are often hired to compose the initial conceptual design and development plan in order to create a thorough project narrative that sets the tone for the project.  We will extensively collaborate with the clients and the project team to create a comprehensive concept plan that is in harmony with the big picture. This is then turned over to a local team with more in-depth knowledge of local building materials and resources to see the project through construction.



While each project has different needs, it is common for schedules to be longer. With this in mind, it is important that our efforts are seamless and communication is thorough, regardless of the distance. Being mindful of time differences, cultural norms, and unique expectations are some of our main priorities. We ensure that although these projects are thousands of miles away, there is no barrier within our superior level of service. 


A Set Of New Challenges

It is not uncommon for our team to face new challenges while working through the various stages of international projects. We take these adversities and use them as opportunities for growth and development. 

While there are slight differences such as refamiliarizing ourselves with the metric system or having to do a deep dive into local climates to better understand possible plant selections, we also know that there are unique challenges that come with the territory of working internationally.  

A unique challenge that is specific to each project comes in the form of understanding specific nuances that make up the bigger story of the project – things like the local cultures, social norms, contextual influences, and design styles that both align with the client’s vision and respect those who will be using the space. We can best accomplish this by both thoroughly listening and learning and by pulling from the knowledge base that we’ve collectively gained as immersive global travelers. 



We recently worked on a project for an industrial and manufacturing facility project in Hangzhou, China. Their marketing and interpretive center faced a lakefront where we suggested a series of rockwork water features that would highlight the vista towards the lake. However, the alignment of the water feature appeared to be flowing away from the project site and that wasn’t acceptable in the practice of Feng shui, the practice of Chinese geomancy that is still prevalent with certain Chinese clients that western designers need to be aware of, so the shape had to be reconfigured.  We pride ourselves on being holistic and life-long learners. We love to take these unique challenges head-on.


There’s also the challenge of material availability, from specs of elements to amenities, even though it may be from an international supplier, it may not be available to that region of the project site so oftentimes, local substitutes need to be assessed on whether they are a true equivalent product or not. Even in the procurement of plant material, it can prove to be a challenge. In one instance, in a project in Saudi Arabia for one of the royal palaces, the large specimen trees and shrubs needed to be shipped from Southern California to Houston, where they are loaded into an open-top freighter with special shade cloth coverings and a full-time arborist on board to make the journey to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  We have learned through these projects to be adaptable and versatile as we search for solutions.




Our Work In South Korea

After a few years of working with Altevers Associates, an architecture firm in San Diego we often closely collaborate with, they reached out to us regarding a project located in Seoul, South Korea. A Korean company was in the process of building a mixed-use community center for local residents. They wanted a centralized space that represented innovation and technology, while also offering a place where family traditions can be honored. 

The design includes glass elevators, escalators, theatre pre-function, restaurants, lounges, café, and VIP executive offices strategically placed around the perimeter of the complex to overlook gardens, atriums, reflecting ponds and courtyards providing sunlight, fresh air, and views of the city.” 

-Altevers Associates



This large space was spread out over multiple levels, with seven of them requiring landscape architectural design including courtyards of varying capacities, roof decks, entry courts, water features, green walls, and landscape art. Our team was brought on to provide concepts for each level. We devised various options, each with a seamless design that blended seamlessly with the outlined architecture. Some of the landscape space transferred into other levels, including the amphitheater that took up around three stories in total. 


Expanding Our Expertise

Along with our work in Seoul, our team has also provided landscape architecture services numerous times in China, India, and Egypt. We are currently involved in the planning process of a large industrial office complex in Zhejiang, China. This cosmetics factory building revolves around the theme of longevity through herbal medicine, health, and wellbeing. Our team is thrilled to provide a gorgeous concept that will benefit not only visitors but employees as well. 


At LandStudio360, we are grateful to have a diverse group of people that allow us to use each team member’s experience and network to grow. The unique circumstances of working internationally encourage our team to think strategically and expand our knowledge of the industry. 

Ready to take your landscaping projects international? Connect with us and learn about the opportunities awaiting your business.